The public transportation system in Columbus is a bus system which is called METRA.  This bus system travels all throughout Columbus and also links Columbus with the surrounding area.  There are nine different bus lines which cover different parts of the city and surrounding area, each of which is color coded.  A map depicting the routes of these lines by color is available online at .

Buses begin running at four thirty in the morning and continue running until eight thirty at night.  Different route lines vary their starting and ending times within this range.  It should be noted that buses generally do not run on Sundays.  However, METRA offers a service called Easy Riding through which travelers can all for curbside pick-up to various locations.  More information is available online at .

The bus system is an inexpensive method of getting around.  It costs only $1.25 per adult rider with reduced fares for children, seniors and persons with disabilities.  Complete fare information is available online at .

Columbus visitors may be interested to know that this public transportation system is considered to be one of the safest of its kind.   Visitors interested in obtaining more information about the safety of the system should read the information provided at .