What the reviews leave out is how incredibly crowded the tubing the Hooch has become. There are two companies moving hundred of bus loads of people up river for a float trip down. Also the other reviews do not reveal at periods and places, you will be walking the tube down the stream as the river level quickly changes day by day according to rainfall.  Check out the river traffic and level flowing under the bridges at either Hamby Street just north of Betty's Market, or the Main Street Bridge which will require paying a parking fee (don't even think of parking on a curb) or the Edelweiss Bridge which you may find a parking space for free. We elected not to "Tube The Hooch"after seeing how crowded the poor river has become. We being medical professionals were worried what biological waste product thousands of people put into a river the minute they hit cold water. Just saying there are other things to do in town, including a water park. Keep Clear Spartan Caver.