Chicago, although known for great steakhouses, has quite a wonderful assortment of vegetarian restaurants as well. There are vegetarian restaurants in many different neighborhoods in the city. Here is a list of some of the best vegetarian (or nearly vegetarian) restaurants in Chicago: 

Alice and Friends' Vegetarian Cafe
5812 N Broadway
This cozy veg restaurant on the North side has a relaxed vibe. The food is creative and delicious. While some of the food has a Korean flair, there is a good variety of other food types as well. Try the mung bean pancakes or the Korean BBQ.

6207 N Milwaukee Ave
Amitabul is worth the drive. It's also on the North side, and a bit West. The owner, Dave, is the head chef. Everything on the menu is vegan. The price is great too!

Chicago Diner
3411 N Halsted
Simply the best vegetarian comfort food. They're slogan is "meat-free since '83." There are many meat-free versions of classic American favorites like Meat Loaf and Cheese Steak Sandwiches on the menu, which also includes dishes like Tofu Scrambles and a Macrobiotic plate.

Soul Vegetarian East
203 East 75th St (at King)
Vegetarian food for the South side. Where else can you get vegetarian soul food? It's fabulous.

Heartland Cafe
7000 N Glenwood
Though not 100% vegetarian, vegetarians will find many options on their menu. The place has a "hippy" vibe to it, and is very comfortable. Try the veg chili!

Green Zebra
1460 W Chicago Ave
If you're looking for an upscale, vegetarian dining experience, this is the place. Though pricey, the food does not disappoint. This is a small plate establishment, and food is meant to be shared. A couple of dishes recently on the menu: Caramelized Fennel Gratin, parmesan coriander crust, and Roasted Halibut, fiddlehead ferns, yellow wax beans & creamed watercress.

Earwax Cafe
1561 N Milwaukee Ave
Located in the heart of Wicker Park, this friendly affordable restaurant offers a mostly-vegetarian/very vegan -friendly menu. A funky crowd and open windows to the street both make for good people-watching as well.