Millennium Park, completed in 2004 (4 years late and enormously over budget) covers the area north of the Art Institute in Chicago built on air rights over commuter train tracks along the lakefront. 

The Crown Fountain by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa features 2 glass block columns with LED display facing each other rotating 1,000 faces of Chicago residents at random for approximately 5 minutes, culminating with a pucker of the lips before a spout of water cascades onto the plaza below.  The fountain is very popular with kids in the summer and extremely entertaining to watch.  Many children bring swimsuits to play in the water.  During the winter months the water show is not active however the LED display of faces continues.

Cloud Gate (more commonly known as "The Bean") by British artist Anish Kapoor is another amazing site to see.  The way the sculpture reflects the city, sky, and passers-by keeps everyone entertained.

The Pritzker Pavillion by architect Frank Gehry is a sculptural piece that has to a certain degree been eclipsed by the bean and fountain.  While it is beautiful, it sits back away from the crowds only accessable to those on stage & cut-off to the rest.  Not to mention there is not a good vantage point for snap shots.

The BP Bridge (yes, everything has naming rights attached) also designed by Gehry is interesting, but again lacks any good focal point to take in the piece itself.  Many question why architect Santiago Calatrava wasn't commissioned for this part since he got his start designing spectacular bridges.

The peristyle in the NW corner of the park is quaint, but compared to the more modern components of the rest seems to be out of place.  It is a nearly full size replica of the peristyle which was originally in the same location between 1917-1953.  Its columns are made of Indiana limestone while the base is built from French limestone.

Lurie Garden is a 2.5 acre garden within the park which pays homage to the City's motto, "Urbs in Horto" (City in a Garden), 

A visit to Chicago would not be complete without a stop in Millennium Park, and it won't cost you a red cent!

And no, there is no Ferris Wheel in Millennium Park; that is at Navy Pier (a short distance from the park).

For an interesting picture, stand under the Cloud Gate sculpture and point your camera up.