Peoria has a rich history of Native American civilizations, the Marquette and Jolliet expeditions, of war and of American dreams. People come to Peoria to enjoy the natural surroundings, the charm of a small town, and to learn about the area's history. Doing some reading on the area will enhance your understanding and thus your stay while in Peoria.

There are several great books on Peoria's and Illinois's past as well as the Native American groups that inhabited the land long before the Europeans and Amerians:

  • "Illinois: A History" by Richard J. Jensen
  • "Illinois: A History of the land and its People" by Roger Biles
  • "The Last Algonquin" by Theodore Kazimiroff
  • " French and Indians of the Illinois River" by Nehemiah Matson

The French explorers who discovered and claimed this area were Marquette and Jolliet, a famous duo. The two discovered many areas from Canada all the way down to the Mississippi. You can learn more about these legendary fellows by reading any of the following books:

To get in the spirit of the area you can also read " I Wish't I Was in Peoria", the novel by Victoria Michaels.