The first place to start exploring the history of the Rockford area is at the Midway Village and Museum Center ( which is the recreation of a historic village designed to act as an authentic setting for the education regarding the history of the area.  The area includes historic homes and shops as they once appeared in the town.  It also features a series of museums including a doll museum.

Other museums in the area which may be of interest to travelers include:

  • Burpee Museum of Natural History – Travelers can learn about the natural land around them through the exhibits at this flora and fauna museum
  • Discovery Center Museum – This is an interactive science and art museum which is a perfect choice for families traveling together.
  • Ethnic Heritage Museum – This museum shares the history of the various groups of people who have lived in the area over time.
  • Graham Ginestra House Museum – This is a historic nineteenth century home which gives visitors insight in to the way people used to live in Rockford during that time.
  • Rockford Art Museum – Travelers interested in learning about the art in the area should start with a trip to this museum.  This can be followed up by a visit to any of the modern art galleries in the area; see for more information.
  • Summerfield Zoo - A small zoo that provides an up close and personal experience with many of the animals.   A reasonably priced great choice for families and anyone that loves animals.   For more information their website is
  • Historic Auto Attractions - it is an automobile, history and pop culture museum in Roscoe, Illinois, most known for its large collection of artifacts associated with the John F. Kennedy assassination. It is owned by local racecar owner Wayne Lensing and was opened in 2002.