Looking for Nightlife in Fort Wayne?

Fort Wayne is not synonymous with what many people would consider "Nightlife", as many of its locations including restaurants and bars seem to close down early in the evenings (even on weekends). In fact, the downtown area of Fort Wayne is eerily vacant at night unless there is a theatrical venue with a show letting out. Most nightlife, bars and many restaurants are 21+ years of age and older, to the dismay of many a younger visitor! Fort Wayne has strict rules on those under 21 (even if not drinking) from being served in a combined bar/restaurant location, this eliminates many upscale locations and restaurants, especially downtown.   

While Nightlife is very hard to find,if you look in the right places and do some planning entertainment can be found!

For More "Upscale" Entertainment That Can be found at Jefferson Pointe! Fort Wayne's most Luxurious Shopping experience.


For more upbeat and casual local coffee houses are the best thing to be found and can be open late into the evening.

Also, Piere's Entertainment has a large entertainment venue (strictly over 21 years of age) with 5 clubs under one roof (The Midwest's Largest Nightclub), however it can get crowded due to it being one of the few true party venues in Fort Wayne.