Indianapolis does not have an underground or elevated train system, and relies instead on a system of buses with the name, IndyGo. About twenty eight different lines blanket an area that covers all of Marion County. The service can get you anywhere you want to go in downtown, but becomes less expedient as you fan out from the downtown loop. An online trip planner is available at and can help with planning your travel on IndyGo. All IndyGo buses are ADA-compliant and are equipped with bike racks.

    Single-Ride tickets ($1.75) and Day Passes ($4) can be purchased on the bus, using exact change. If you are visiting from out of town, and plan on using the bus system extensively, you would do wise to purchase a multi-day pass, which can be bought online. One can buy a pass in the denominations of one, seven, or thirty-one days. Half-fare discounts are available to anyone over age 65, under age 18, or with disabilities. To be eligible for a half-fare, however, it is first necessary to apply for a half-fare ID card at an IndyGo customer service center. The bus route serving Indianapolis International Airport is line 8, which runs between the airport, downtown, and the extreme eastern side of Marion County.

     Anyone with disabilities that prohibit them from using the fixed-route bus system is eligible to apply for the ADA-compliant, door-to-door Open Door service. People wishing to use this service must call ahead and make a reservation at least three days in advance.