Spring Mill was a thriving town through the 1800's.  But because the railroads could not get into the valley easily, it became deserted around 1900.  The state acquired the land and the CCC restored much of the original village and built a nice inn. 

It is a small State Park, but nice.  There are some nice trails, and the Pioneer Village is nice, particularly in warmer months when when there are people working in the buildings.  There is a working Grist Mill and water power lumber saw.  A weaver and woodworker and blacksmith and leatherworker are typically working and talking about their trades.  There are a number of caves on the property.  You can easily get into the dry side of Donaldson and walk around a bit.  Twin caves feature a underground boat ride for a few dollars.  The other caves require permits and some level of experience to enter and exlpore.  

 The inn is nice.  The rooms are simple, but clean and roomy.  They have a nice lobby and game room and pool for people to relax in.  The pool is both indoor and out and fairly warm. 

 Spring Mill