South Bend a historical crossroads where the East met the West in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries is now one of America’s capital of Baseball. How did the events turn out in history to change this city’s identity? Let’s go into history and take a look at these two books:

- South Bend: Crossroads of Commerce by John Palmer explores the town as an ancient post of trade for furs among Native Americans tribes. Then, Europeans coming from the East Coats and Canada transform it into a site of commerce between the two coasts.

- Baseball in South Bend by John M. Kovach shows how since the 19th century baseball has been a popular sport in the small and big leagues in South Bend. The author has been involved in Male Baseball as an amateur player and in Woman’s Baseball as a manager.

- A nice insight into the history and culture of the city is John Palmer's South Bend in Vintage Postcards. Palmer collects postcards printed by different publishers that present multiple aspects of life in the city.

- If you need a more practical guide, take a look at South Bend Indiana by Kay Maron, published by Arcadia publishing,