Air Travel

What used to be the Cedar Rapids Airport is now the called Eastern Iowa Airport (just to confuse everyone!), and is located just south of Cedar Rapids, a couple of miles west of Interstate 380.  It is a respectable little airport; there is a restaurant and separate gift shop, and the welcome center is soon to be revamped to carry goodies and coffee from the Blue Strawberry, a local bistro (yum).  There is car rental available, and taxi and shuttle service available into Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.   There really isn't any bus service into the city from the airport.  Cedar Rapids does have a local transit system, but it is not widely used.

Drop off and pick up is similar to most airports, and more convenient than most.  There the main entrance to the airport is WEST of the exit, and is newly marked by a nice, big, readable sign.  The exit has several rather dangerous-looking metallic sculptures honoring flight.  So don't turn into the Exit!

Upon arriving, you can choose long term parking, short term parking, or a nice loop in front of the terminal for drop off or pick up.  You can park there and wait but they are (quite rightfully) very strict about ensuring that someone stays with the car -- no parking and leaving. 

Both commuter and jet services are available for several airlines.  Count on it not being a direct flight to anywhere except a hub, however.  The majority of the planes actually board through jetways rather than the walk across the tarmac to the ladder they used to mostly have ;-)

Here's the airport website:

Train Travel

Nearest Amtrak station is Mt. Pleasant, IA, about 1.5 hours south. 


It is not recommended that you arrive in Cedar Rapids by boat, unless said boat is on a trailer.