On the tarmac, Lexington Bluegrass Airport

Since it was first built in 1941 the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington has grown in size, and it recently added a new state-of-the-art security system, which has served as a model to airports nationwide. When flying in, or out of Blue Grass Airport visitors should plan to set aside some extra time for the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, which is located on the airport’s grounds. Blue Grass Airport is easily accessible from U.S. Highway 60 and is in close proximity to Blue Grass Parkway and Interstate highways 75 and 64.

Lexington is located in North Central Kentucky and the city is at the crossroads of Interstate 64 and Interstate 75, as well as U.S. Highway 60 and U.S. Highway 68. The drive through the mountains to Lexington is scenic, and almost majestic. Greyhound Bus service is also available to Lexington.