The city of Bath provides a fairly comprehensive public transit system, and this makes getting around the area fairly painless. Buses run on both fixed schedules and via a reservation service through the city. The fixed schedule buses run daily, with service from around 6am until the evening hours, and with limited service on the weekends. The City of Bath Web site offers additional information on both the scheduled and reserved buses. There is also service from the CTI buses, which is a non-profit public transportation system that connects Bath, and the nearby towns of Knox, Lincoln the rest of Sagadahoc County. The Bath Iron Works also provides transit service for the community, with shuttle buses running from 7:30am until 5pm daily, and Saturday service from 9am until 5pm. Rides for this bus line are 60 cents.

There is also the Bath to Rockport rail line, which has been in operation for nearly 150 years – except for a brief shutdown in the 1980s when the state bought the line. This line connects Bath with Portland, Lisbon and Augusta, along with the outlying areas near Bath.

In addition to the public bus service, there are two taxicab companies that operate in Bath. Cabs are available at larger destinations such as hotels, but generally you need to call ahead to reserve a cab. And plan on reserving a car if you’re going to need an early morning or late night pick up.