Many people enjoy supplementing their travels by reading about the area to which they are headed.  This can help visitors get in the mood for their trip, preparing them with both useful information about the area and fun tidbits about the people there or the history of the place.  Books recommended for travelers to Portland include:

  • “Keep Simple Ceremonies: The Feminist Spiritual Community of Portland, Maine” by Diane Eiker and Sapphire.  This book is excellent for women traveling to the area.  It takes readers right in to the heart of the feminist spirit of Portland, using handwriting instead of typing to set up a personal connection between writer and reader. .
  • “Lighthouses on Parade, Portland Maine: A Community Art Project Presented by Hannaford” by Lou Ann Benigni.  This photographic history is stunningly enjoyable. .
  • “Remember the Portland Maine Trolleys” by Edwin Bill Robertson.  Though the trolleys are not the main mode of transportation today, this tribute to them will help visitors get a feel for the area as it used to be. .
  • “The Coast of Maine Book: A Complete Guide” by Nancy English.  This travel guide has all that travelers to the area need to know. .
  • “The Rockbound Coast: Travels in Maine” by Christopher Little.  This travel memoir is sure to get visitors in the mood for adventure. .