Lewis Bay Harbor is the waterfront heart of Hyannis, and is lovely almost any time of year. It is a short walk from downtown Hyannis, and in recent years has been significantly improved by demolition of some homes to improve the vista and waterfront access. From here you can watch the Ferry boats and Harbor cruises dock and depart, and purchase tickets for a ride. You can watch the local charter fishing boats unload their anglers and prizes, and arrange to go out yourself. You can dine at one of four good seafood restaurants clustered around the bay: The Black Cat, Tugboats, Spanky's, and Baxter's. In summer, artists in residence occupy small huts next to the Western harbor edge, and you can view art being made, and also purchase items. Just up the street is the JFK Memorial, a peaceful place to sit and meditate, and further along, Kalmus beach, where you will see windsurfers on any windy day. In summer, you can catch a duck tour, and have an amphibious experience. Hyannis has three main streets oriented E-W: South St. (oneway East), Main St. (oneway West), and North St. (two way). The entire town is very walkable, with the Ferry terminals at the SE corner, the bus terminal at the E, and the airport a short cab ride to the NE. The Bus terminal and Airport are both modern, user-friendly facilities, and the two ferry facilities are functional. Most tourist shops are on Main street, but restaurants, Inns, and other services can be anywhere. The large number of visitors supports quite a variety of good restaurants, and many are long-established and very reliable. Hyannis also has a serious micro brewery, Cape Cod Beer, as well as the Cape Cod Potato Chip plant, and both facilities can be visited. Cape Cod Hospital, one of the 100 best in the USA, and the 13th best in caring for heart attacks, is located a block beyond the NE corner of Lewis Bay. In summer, lodgings are normally full or nearly full, so be sure to reserve in advance.