Lenox was first established in the middle of the eighteenth century.  At that time, the government in the area of what would become Lenox created an auction for ten different townships.  One of those townships was purchased in the auction by Samuel Brown Jr. and though it would eventually become Lenox, it began life as Yokum.

The area was relatively quiet until approximately the middle of the nineteenth century when it became popular as a summer home vacation area.  Since that time, there have been many people in the area known by locals as “summer people” because they only summer in the area.  Locals, in contrast, live there year round.

Beginning in the 1930’s, Lenox began gaining attention as a musical center.  This started with symphonies and other musical events taking place in the summers to entertain the summer people.  It continues to this day, although now there are just as many travelers who come to the area during the summer for the music performances as there are performances designed to cater to those people who are already vacationing there for the summer.

More information about the history of Lenox is available on the official Chamber of Commerce Website for Lenox at http://www.lenox.org/history.html .