Books which travelers heading to the Plymouth area may want to put on their reading lists before the trip include:

  • “Hope Leslie or Early Times in the Massachusetts (American Women Writers)” by Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Mary Kelley offers a female perspective to the history of the area through the eyes of writers including early nineteenth century author Catharine Maria Sedgwick. .
  • “Old Plymouth: A Guide to its Localities and Objects of Interest” by Avery and Doten Publishers is a specialty travel guide.
  • “Plymouth Colony: Its History and People” by Eugene Aubrey Stratton is a historical genealogy of the area. .
  • “Plymouth in the Words of her Founders” by Paul Jehle offers readers a unique guide to all there is to see in the area from the perspective of people who lived there when it was founded. .
  • “Plymouth in Vintage Postcards” by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens is a photographic exploration of the area.
  • “Three Visitors to Early Plymouth” by John Pory, Isaak De Rasieres, and Emmanuel Altham is a collection of letters from these three authors which were written in the colonial times and which offer insight in to the daily life of the area in days past. .