Stow may not be a culinary hotspot in the Boston area, but you won't go hungry here.  Most eating establishments are located in the Lower Village, near or in the Stow Shopping Center.  Here, there's the Stow House of Pizza (an independent, locally-owned pizza place), Papa Gino's (a local pizza chain), and Domino's Pizza (even more pizza, this time from a national chain), plus two other locally-owned, independent places: the Ye Olde Beef N Ale (a decent American-style diner in a converted house) and the tiny, but charming Sunrise Cafe. 

 Most visitors to Stow come for either the apple picking or the golf courses.  Most of the golf courses have their own dining facilities.  The Butternut Farm Golf Course restaurant is even open to the non-golfing public, although its food is nothing to write home about.  If you're here for the apples, unfortunately as yet none of the Stow orchards offer full dining services, but you can certainly stuff yourself with apples, pies, chocolate, and jam until you feel no need for a proper meal.

 Stow's hidden dining treasure is Nancy's Airport Cafe.  If you can keep track of its limited hours (8am-3pm W-M, 5pm-9pm F-Sat), be sure to stop by here.  It's a friendly little place at the Stow airport, and if you're lucky, you'll get to see some small planes take off and land while you enjoy your meal.