If you are going to be flying into Massachusetts to get to Sturbridge, then you would most likely be flying into Logan International Airport in Boston. There are other smaller airports located throughout Massachusetts, but they generally service small privately chartered flights. Once you get into Boston, you can take the Massachusetts Turnpike, also known as The Pike, or I-90 to get to Sturbridge. The drive from Boston to Sturbridge will take you about an hour and fifteen minutes or so, depending on traffic conditions. The I-90 connector tunnel to the airport has recently been under construction, and there have been detours all over the city, so make sure you check ahead the best route to take, as the connector has yet to be re-opened. Unfortunately, there are no trains that run directly from Boston to Sturbridge, but you could take a train to Worcestor, which is about 30 minutes away from Sturbridge. From there you could rent a car. There are usually group buses that go to Sturbride as well to visit Old Sturbridge Village , so you should check to see if you can get a ride with them also.