A 1.5 mile up, 1.5 mile back hike to the summit of Pine Cobble, a beutiful lookout with views east towards North Adams, South to Mount Greylock, and West over Williamstown and Williams College.  Medium difficulty, with great views.  Connects to the AT as well.  Hike is very popular with local residents and Williams stusdents as well.  Very short drive or bikeride from downtown, some parking spaces at the trail head.  

Depending on your perspective, this may not really be a trail. It may seem more like the side of the hill that the water ran down and eroded a little hillside riverbed. Thus the cobbles. For locals this can counts as fun. For over forty knees picking the way down this steep river bed it may NOT be fun. More like painful. For the younger, fit crowd this is a decent hike. If you have any knee problems at all, you may want to take a pass on this one.