Williamstown is located in the Berkshires.  It is nestled in the very northwestern corner of Massachusetts, just minutes from the border to each New York State and Vermont.  It's best known as the home of Williams College but the beautiful countryside and academic community makes for a rich environment to explore.

Williams College

Williams was founded in 1789, one of the oldest colleges in the country.  Although too small for the "Ivy League," it has a cache all it's own and has an educational caliber that continues to put it up in the top colleges each year in the rankings in US News & World Report.  Between 500-1000 students per class and small class sizes make it a tight knit community and a place where learning grows.  Sports are also a passion -- what else is there to do that far away from any major cities! -- and Williams althetics often lead their local "NESCAC" division and often send individuals or teams to nationals in their division (Div III).


Williamstown shopping district is centered around Spring Street.  A few restaurants including Papa Charlie's famous celebrity order sandwiches and the one licensed pub in town, aptly named the "Purple Pub."  FYI, the shopping is basically on campus -- sandwiched between some classroom buildings and the expanding athletic facilities.  There's no real "town and gown" tension to speak of, the whole community is pretty well educated and rural preppy.  The rest of the town is beautiful scenery, dairy farms, some more commercial districts, etc.  The nearest Gap and/or movie theater is down the road in Pittsfield (~20 minutes away).

Scenic drive/ Autumn "leaf peeping"

Route 2, locally known as the "Mohawk Trail" runs right from Boston through WIlliamstown.  Although the drive is not the fastest way between the two points, it is a historic trek and, at points, a beautiful country drive.  "Leaf peeping" is high tourist season when the Berkshires come alive with color of the turning foliage into bright orange, yellow and red.  Beautiful even to the jaded, it's only the video cameras out the window that bring some eye-rolling from the locals and students.  Still, absolutely wonderful with good apple cider, antiques and/or maple candy at local stops along the drive.

Winter Skiing

Not in WIlliamstown Proper, both Brodie Mountain and Jiminy Peak are nearby.

Summer theater

Williamstown has a phenomenal theater program.  Each year attracting great talent and often some household name acting talent.  Search on Williamstown summer theater for more information and programs/shows for the summer.