Maybe your only knowledge of Detroit comes from watching "8 Mile" but there's much more to this city than gritty rap battles when it comes to nightlife. The birthplace of Motown still has a vibrant music scene and you can find many clubs and bars in the downtown area. Head north of downtown to find the theater district.

Rivertown is a good place to start if you're looking for jazz and blues bars. The outer suburbs of Ann Arbor and Pontiac offer fun alternatives to the downtown scene and are popular with the younger crowds.

Some of the more notable venues are : The Majestic Theater, which is well known for its live music lineups and Magic Bag where musicians like Bo Didley have played. The Town Pump Tavern and the Athen Lounge are good bets for those wanting to get their drink on. And if it's dancing that strikes your fancy, check out Lush or the Deck at Hocketown Cafe.

Hamtramck is a 2.1 square mile city completely surrounded by Detroit, and home to many bars, art galleries, and Planet Ant Theater. Hamtramck is dense and walkable, and prices there are generally very reasonable. There are a number of ethnic restaurants in the city, such as Polish Village Cafe, Bengal Masala, Aladdin Sweets and Cafe, Bosnia Specialties, and Lebanese Chicken. Live music can be seen at The Attic Bar, The Belmont, Small's, The Painted Lady, The Locker Room, and Paycheck's on most weekends. lt's easy to find a cab to get back to your hotel at the taxi stand on Joseph Campau at Caniff.