St. Paul is, on average, a safer city than its twin, Minneapolis.  While both cities are certainly safe places to visit, St. Paul has a lower murder rate, robbery rate, and aggravated assault rate.  Both cities are slightly above the national average in these categories.  In 2004, per 100,000 people, St. Paul had a 7.1 murder rate and Minneapolis a 14.1 murder rate, while the national average was 5.5.  Given that St. Paul has a population of 282,709 people (and Minneapolis 376,255 people) that means that 20 people were murdered in 2004.

What does this all mean? Not much.  Don’t wade too far into the morass of crime statistics that are available on the web—it won’t be a particularly fruitful endeavor.  All you need to know is that while St. Paul is a safe city, it is a city, and all city traveling rules apply: don’t carry too much cash on you and be alert when walking around.  Travel in a group whenever possible. 

Everything can be boiled down to one sentiment: use common sense and you will enjoy a safe and hazard-free trip to St. Paul!