For years, Biloxi has been internationally known for its sprawling, neon-lit coastline of casino resorts. When a guest wins his or her thousands of dollars, they need somewhere to spend all that money. Others who do not win any money may still want to spend for the merit of knowing they have something left. This is why Biloxi affords travelers a wide selection of shopping experiences.

For quick name-brand purchases right off the rack, visit Edgewater Mall and Village. Edgewater Mall contains over 50 different retail stores and 3 major department stores. Edgewater Village is similar except it provides some local designers and smaller theme shops. Visitors are more likely to find a souvenir at the Village.

The warm weather may encourage Northerners and Easterners to stay outside for extended periods of time. In any case, check out the nearby flea markets and street vendors for great bargains on handmade decorations, furnishings, and gifts. The flea market is somewhat bohemian so that shoppers can negotiate prices and find one of a kind pieces unexpectedly. Afterwards, stroll to Ocean Springs or Bay St. Louis. This is a collection of arts, crafts, jewelry and food shops.

Truth be told - The outlets are the major reason shoppers flock to Biloxi from New Orleans. More than 80 labels are represented in the outlets at very moderate prices.