With over 50 theaters in the live music capital of the world, you won’t have trouble finding show tickets.  However, to make your experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible, you’ll want to sit as close as you can get to your favorite Branson stars. With a little advance planning, you can easily find yourself mere feet from the performers.

Many Branson visitors wait until they get into town to decide which shows to see, so purchasing your tickets before you leave home will give you an edge. For big name entertainers with limited engagements, you can typically score seats in the first few rows if you purchase your tickets six weeks or so before the event. Stay away from Friday and Saturday, and your odds of moving closer to the front are even greater.

You can purchase show tickets via telephone or the internet directly from some theaters, but they are usually a bit more expensive than using an agency.  Other theaters use only ticketing agencies for online reservations.  An internet search for “Branson show tickets” will bring up several ticketing agencies.  Read and understand terms and conditions before purchasing tickets.  Some of the agencies allow you to purchase tickets online and print an e-ticket.  You then exchange the voucher for the actual ticket at the theater.  Other agencies require you pick up your tickets at their outlet.  Beware that representatives may encourage you to purchase additional tickets or sit through a timeshare presentation when you pick up your tickets.  Confirm that you are getting the best seats available that the theater offers when using any agency, since some may buy blocks of seats further back in the theater so they can offer a deeper discount. 

Cancellation policies vary widely among both agencies and theaters.  Some tickets are non-refundable, while others allow you to cancel with full refund up to three days before the performance.  Some charge a cancellation fee of up to 25%.  Others require you to purchase cancellation insurance for around twenty dollars at the time of ticket purchase; otherwise, no refund is permitted.

If you decide to take your chances and wait until you are in Branson to purchase your show tickets, pick up a coupon booklet, available in the lobbies of most area hotels, as soon as you arrive.  Many of the shows offer a few dollars savings per ticket with a coupon.  Decide on a show; then go right away to the theater’s box office to ensure you get the best tickets still available. 

Some hotels have a ticketing agent on site.  If you use this service, ask whether seats are being reserved for you.  In some instances, they give you a voucher that you, in turn, must redeem at the theater box office for your seat assignment.  Other hotels will provide you, upon check-in, with a listing of shows available from ticketing agents.  You call the agent, order the tickets, and they deliver the tickets directly to your hotel.  This saves you from having to chase around town for your tickets. 

Whether you purchase tickets ahead of time or wait until you are in Branson, you won’t have to worry about ticket availability for most shows.  The difference, though, may be the second row, front and center, versus the twenty-fifth row, on the side.