Liven-up yourself, don't be no drag...

Get your butt in gear and shake off the dust of the ho-hum life you've been living. Get yourself to West Yellowstone, Montana to enjoy some fine winter experiences on the snowmobile trails surrounding the town and all the great places to stay and dine... in the town. 

You might be apprehensive about going to West Yellowstone after reading all the negative reviews of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. But then, most of those reviews have been written by people visiting Yellowstone Park in the summer, although perhaps the best time to see animals in Yellowstone Park, is the worst time to be there along with 3.3 million fellow tourists - all demanding the fastest service at the lowest rate, and of the highest quality; somehow those demands seem to defy logic. (

 Winter is absolutely fantastic... only a handful of visitors are allowed into the park on any given day. No lines, no waiting, no crowds, no exhaust fumes - AND hotel rates are at their seasonal lows. Seeing the park cloaked in winter is as serine and beautiful pageant as anyone can hope to experience in their life.  In the stark and frigid silence of a winter's day you can witness life stirring  anew as bison cows heavy with unborn calves stand grazing in fields a few feet from you.

Outside the park you are free to indulge the inner child as you scoot up and down the groomed snowmobile trails threaded through the forests of Gallatin and Targhee National Forests in Montana and Idaho, respectively. So stimulate the economy and yourself - you've still got two solid months of winter to enjoy.