If you’re ever in the vicinity of North West Montana, time spent in this town isn’t wasted. A year-round resort destination, situated at the northern end of the Glacier Valley, it is off the beaten path, but well worth taking the scenic route to get to.

Alternatively, you could take a stress free, leisurely trip on the Amtrak train, which makes regular trips from Seattle, and arrive at one of the prettiest train stations anywhere. Within the building itself, is a small museum, dedicated to the history of this State’s area. It too is worth a peek, if you’ve time, as there’s a lot to do here.

The valley also has a good sized airport, Glacier International, making it an attractive proposition for visitors who would rather spend less time “getting there”.

Nearby is one of America's most beautiful national parks, Glacier, the US side of the International Peace Park, the other aspect being in Alberta. Spend a day there, stopping for brunch at the Izaak Walton Inn first, then drive into the park to commune with pristine nature.
If you’re up for some adventure, drive through the park, all the way to Logan Pass, to experience the continental divide, or spectacular scenery as you wind your way around dizzying heights and scary precipices, competing for road space with other drivers, notably the park’s Jammers, vintage buses that take sensible visitors on a joy ride around the park! Or glide across one of the larger lakes in a vintage wooden boat. Possibilities for adventure are as endless as the distances.

Aside from the park, there’s plenty of outdoor recreation offered, from skiing, snowboarding and festivals in winter, to summers hiking, mountain biking and zip lining! One thing is certain, you won’t be bored, whatever your tastes or interests.

For those who aren’t recreationally minded, there are performing arts venues, where plays, concerts and music are offered in abundance.
You can also share in local company at the many bars and taverns, where local and visiting musicians apply their talents.

Although small, Whitefish has a fine variety of epicurean delights to choose from.

For breakfast or brunch, one treat you can’t miss is at Loula’s, Their lemon stuffed French toast with fresh raspberries is memorable. The Buffalo Café is another favourite breakfast and brunch place, with locals and visitors alike. You won’t leave hungry.

You can also find plenty of healthy, interesting fare for lunch, coffee breaks and hanging out with regulars to meet and chat. Once they get to know you, they’re very friendly.

Highly recommended for an evening dinner splurge, L’Attitude 48, Pescado Blanco and The Boat Club restaurant at Whitefish Lake Lodge. There are plenty of other restaurants too, at all price points.

The Lodge is a great location to base yourself, any time of year, but there are others, many offer great value and some are located right in the heart of ski country. Many have extra amenities to help make your stay convenient and comfortable as being at home. Pick one nearest to the attractions you most want to participate in. However, the only one located in town is the Downtowner Inn, which puts you in walkable distance for all activities in town and beyond.

For a change of scene, head down Hwy. 93 to the town of Kalispell. Larger than its northern neighbour, it offers some cultural and historical perspectives on the region. It’s a pretty place, with a fine art gallery, housed in a former mansion, while nearby, another local magnate’s mansion, The Conrad, is open to the visiting public. Ghost tours of the mansion are given during the week of Halloween.

These are but a few choices to any traveller. Even a few days in the Glacier Valley will leave you wanting to return. The air is fresher, the sky big and blue and yet, there are many things to offer a visitor than the pristine outdoors.