Sports in Lincoln is dominated by the University of Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska is dominated by Football.  There is nothing else in the US that comes close to uniting an entire state like the Cornhuskers do when they take the field on a fall Saturday.  The "sea of red."  The tunnel-walk.  At any point during the first quarter fully 1/3 or the population of the city is in the stadium (it seats more than 85,000 - and during a home game becomes, by itself, the 3rd largest city in the state).  The rest of Lincoln is at home watching it on TV.

There are plenty of places to run around town - down by the Capitol is a favorite, as is the are around the campus. The town is pretty runner friendly.  There is also a bike trail that runs along a paved over railroad track that will take you 10-15 miles out of town.  Very pleasant. The biggest pool is Woods Pool, located in Woods park, on 33rd between Holdredge and "O" Streets.  It has a 10 meter diving platform, and a separate lap pool.