Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful natural places in the U.S.. The perfect day will include a driving trip around the lake in a rental car.  Start with the trip around the southern tip of the lake where the tall pine trees shade the road and make everything look so majestic in winter. Follow the road up to the Emerald Bay point where the view is amazing.  Photo ops are everywhere! Walk around this small park area to view the bay from different angles. It is majestic! Next, hop back into the rental car for a trip up and over the mountains.  Each curve in the road is more beautiful than the last.  Finally you reach civilization again as you drive through little small villages that beckon for the tourist to stop for a visit. Continue north to the more settled areas of Lake Tahoe where skiing villages reside. The highway popouts give drivers and their passenges opportunities to stop and explore.  This is a highly recommended trip. Two and a half hours of pure beauty.