If you’re headed to Concord for business or leisure, you can rest easy knowing you’re in one of the safest cities in the nation.

The rate of crime in Concord is pretty low, with the rate of most crimes significantly lower than in the rest of the nation.

Crime statistics are based on the rate per 100,000 people, even if the population is less than 100,000. Mathematically, the crime rate and population are adjusted so cities across the nation can be compared.

So, using that formula, what travelers might want to know is that the overall rate of crime in Conrcord in 2004 was 2,400 per 100,000 citizens. The national crime rate is about 4,000.

In areas that matter to travelers, the news is equally good. The rate of robberies is about 26 per 100,000, compared to 136 nationally. The 2.4 murder rate compares favorably with the national average of 5.5.

In other relevant categories like auto theft and assault, the rates are also significantly lower than the national averages.

Residents of Concord generally believe theirs is a safe city to live in, but as with anywhere, take general precautions. Don’t leave your wallet on a store counter, or the doors of your rental car unlocked. Even in the most bucolic town, crime does happen and having it happen while in an unfamiliar area can make short work of ruining a trip.