Certainly if you have a choice of when to visit New Hampshire, you want to choose fall. This is when the whole of the New England area is full of autumn colors and gorgeous scenery. It’s also when others descend on the area to enjoy the fall colors, but if you don’t mind a few more people than might be there in, say, May, then you’re good.

Concord and all of New Hampshire enjoy constantly changing conditions. Depending on the season and the weather forecast for the day, you might need to bring both flip flops and a jacket to wherever you’re headed for the day. If you’re heading to Concord in the fall, be aware that while the average daily high in September is 60 degrees, by October that average daily high drops to a chilly 49. In addition, winter sometimes comes early with snow dropping before fall is over. Other years, fall can extend right into December, with no snows falling until closer to the holiday season.

If you decide to head to Concord in the spring, it will likely be somewhat chilly, but with those ever-changing conditions, you just never know. The average highs in April and May are 44 and 56 degrees respectively, but highs in May can sometimes reach the 80s, depending on the year. If you’re hopeful, bring short sleeve shirts.