Waterville Valley has more than 30 miles of biking trails designed to accommodate every type of biker, from a relaxed jaunt around town to grueling ascents on a mud-splattered mountain bike, all surrounded by the incredible beauty of the 700,000 acres of White Mountain National forest surrounding the valley.

Bring your own bike or rent one at the Adventure Center in Town Square, or Ski Fanatics in on your way to Waterville through Campton.

If you're ambitious, you can even take a chair lift ride to the top of Snows Mountain and ride your bike down.  Beginners may want to walk their bikes over short, rocky sections at the top, but experienced riders will glide through just fine.  The trail winds its way down Upper Snows mountain and past the lovely Waterville Valley Cascades (at first bridge), then joins the Livermore Road to return to the Livermore Trailhead and West Branch Road back to town.  

Waterville Valley Resort's extensive trail network (trail pass required to access portions) includes several rough-surface in-town rides (Village Trail, Pond Loop) which are within the easy grasp of beginners, as well as rolling intermediate tracks (Moose Run-Wicked Easy loop in the network's North End) and challenging downhills (face of Snow's Mountain).  Ambitious riders can follow the Snows Brook Trail to a series of connectors back to town (principal loop is Snows Brook to Drakes Brook, which drops out at the Drakes Brook Trailhead).  Portions are steep and rough, and are better suited to advanced riders.  Trail maps are available at the Waterville Valley Adventure Center.