The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is a classic East Coast family boardwalk filled with games, restaurants, t-shirt shops, beach supply stores, bars and rides.  The boardwalk is jammed packed with things to do for people of all ages.  While there are a lot of different people hanging out, the boardwalk is safe and family friendly.  There are police officers all along the boardwalk looking for anyone getting rowdy but overall everyone on the boardwalk was just enjoying the atmosphere.

The piers have attractions for riders of all ages, from roller coasters to rides for the small kids.  Buying tickets for the rides individually can be expensive so buying a wristband for the afternoon or evening would be a better value if you intend on riding a lot of rides. 

The boardwalk has traditional games to win prizes, arcades and places to eat everything from basic boardwalk food like funnel cakes, ice cream and french fries to raw bar seafood.  Overall there is a really good selection to choose from.

The boardwalk is interesting because it has something for everyone.  You can have a family vacation or you can be single and enjoy the party life.  For those that watch the show "Jersey Shore' there is that aspect of it but that is not what the boardwalk is all about.  If you choose not to be around the party scene you won't even notice it.

 Seaside Heights Boardwalk is a great place to visit for everyone.