Little known to out-of-staters, this quaint ski resort just 22 miles outside of Taos provides a great alternative to Taos Ski Valley. The prices, especially if you take advantage of mid-week specials, are unbelievably affordable. For example, on a Wednesday and Thursday this January, a family of five skied for about 50 dollars total. That's about 10 bucks a lift ticket.

   Why choose this area when you can have world-class skiing at Taos? Well, for one, kids don't care about that kind of thing. Yes, this area is small compared to Taos, but for kids, and even for parents, there were plenty of runs and challenges.  Also, the folks who ski here are mainly locals, with a few tourists sprinkled in the mix. You won't see any outrageously expensive equipment or "North Face" ski clothing "posers".  In fact, this might be one of the few ski areas left in the country that serves middle and working class families, and that comes as a great relief!! You'll see folks wearing old canvas work jackets, bright yellow windbreakers that looked like they were once used to wipe up oil spills, hooded wool sweaters, and threadbare backpacks. All to give the general impression that the folks who ski Sipapu are the real thing. And with all this nitty-gritty realism comes the added benefit of zero lift-lines, personal contact (the lift guy is also the snowcat guy and the walk-shoveling guy and change the light bulb guy, etc.), affordable (and tasty!) food, and a two second walk to the lift. 

 Yes, the lifts are slow, the restaurant closes at 8pm, and the cabins are bare-bones (and that's a polite description), but if you want authentic New Mexican skiing, or are trying to ski on a tight budget, this place is definitely worth checking out.