There’s a motto when visiting the Hamptons: bring lots of dough. Everything seems to be more here, from the water to the ice cream. Some believe it’s the celebrity influence in the Hamptons, others believe it’s simply a product of where you are – at a beach community on Long Island.

Whatever the reason, the shopping here is decidedly upscale. In East Hampton, in particular, there are a number of chain boutiques. Here you can find the Coach futlet store, DKNY, Tiffany and Ralph Lauren. There are also smaller cookery and gift stores.

If you’re willing to drive a bit from East Hampton, you can head for Southampton, where the shopping takes on a less chain flare and more boutique feel. But boutique can also mean expensive, so bring your fat wallet.

If your shopping desire is antiques, head for Bridgehampton, where there are a number of antique shops. This is where a mall is located, if you need your fix of more chain-like stores, such as the Gap and Banana Republic.

All the Hamptons areas are within an easy drive of each other, if you are using your own vehicle. So if you don’t mind a little drive beyond the above choices, consider a drive to Riverhead, where you’ll find a factory outlet center that is sure to help you forget all the money you’re spending in other ways while on the island.