Niagara Falls, USA gives its visitors a unique, natural, up-close experience to one of the natural wonders of the world.

Visit Niagara Falls State Park for the absolute closest access to both the American and Horseshoe Falls. Rich in history, visitors can visit many historic sites and museums. Old Fort Niagara, located just north of the Falls, is the oldest building on the Great Lakes.  Visiting the Erie Canal, the locks in Lockport, and the Power Authority's Power Vista, will show you just how important Niagara has been to the region's commerce and energy sources. Wine Connoisseurs will feel right at home along the Niagara Wine Trail. Those looking for adventure will find themselves taking a Jet Boat tour through the Niagara Gorge or even soaring over the Falls in an exhiliarating helicopter tour. Fishing enthusiasts will feel right at home as Niagara is also one of North America's top sport-fishing destinations.

Outside of the busy tourist area, be sure to visit such quaint, historic small towns such as Lewiston, Lockport, Olcott, Newfane and the Tonawandas to round out your experience.