No trip to Plattsburgh is complete without tasting a Michigan.   There are many stories about where this treat got its name, and it's well documented on the web site of the local paper, the Plattsburgh Press Republican ( 

Purists should stop at Clare and Carl's on the Lake Shore Road, Rte 9, south of the city.   It looks like it's about to tip over, and some day it just might, but this is where many Plattsburghers got their first taste of a Michigan.   The sauce is a little less spicy than in years past, but it's still fun to stop there, go inside and eat at the counter or have a car hop run out to your car.  Across the street, the former Nitzi's is now part of the McSweeney chain.   

Clare and Carl's just opened a new branch down at the old Dock and Coal marina, near the Naked Turtle, below the train station at the bottom of Bridge St.   What a great spot for a lunch of michigans and fries.

 After you've had your fill of Michigans, the best cheap eats in the North Country, and possibly anywhere, is The Homestead restaurant on Tom Miller Road, near the Military Turnpike.  Owned and operated by Angie, the servings are ridiculously generous, and more importantly, the food is consistently excellent.  And the sevice is not to be beaten.  Ask for one of Barb's tables -- she'll keep you entertained, but all the wait staff are excellent.  Breakfasts are just what you wish mom used to make (everyone's mother actually goes there for breakfast now), and unfortunately the local college crowd has discovered it, so waiting for tables on weekend morning is a little bit longer than in the past.  But everyone waits, it's worth it.