Ein/En Bokek is a seemingly purpose built resort town on the Southern part of the Israeli Dead Sea coast, with stunning views over to Jordan. As the Dead Sea is drying up, water is channeled from the Northern part and what are perhaps best described as lagoons have been created around the beach areas of the hotels. This situation may not be forever. Either the Dead Sea will dry up or the Israelis and Jordanians will build some kind of channel to either take water from the Med or Red Seas. The town is not much to write home about other than for the Dead Sea. There are a few shops and cafes, but most life is centred around the hotel one stays in. No apparent independent bars or night life, so people stay in their hotels in the evening. There are a few things to do near by such as the amazing Mount Masada with it's Herodian fortress and surrounding Roman encampments. Also near is Mamshit, a well preserved ancient town with a camel farm and Nomad style restaurant (great food) over the road. Also, just over into the West Bank, is Qumran, the cave where a Nomad goat herder found the Dead Sea Scrolls. The biggest warning about the town is that  there don't appear to be any ATMs that accept non-Israeli bank cards, so take plenty of Shekels.