Exmouth (population only 2, 500) is about 1200 ks from Perth and it generally is a two day drive, with a stopover along the way at Carnarvon.  Flights from Perth take about 1.5 hours.

Getting Around: Tourism in these remote areas of Western Australia often assumes self drive for access to attractions, and most people would hire a car to get around, although there are several tour coach companies with a selection of day or half day options.

Exmouth is a recognised fishing mecca and is also famous for offering its tours such as swimming with the massive (but harmless)  Whale Sharks.

The Ningaloo Coral Reef  - The Ningaloo Reef stretches for over 150 kilometres between Exmouth and Coral Bay (which is a very small town by comparison, population around 200 people in low season.) It's possible to do day trips to Coral Bay from Exmouth, at around one and half hours travel each way. which is quite feasible.To buy any provisions in Coral Bay can be exorbitant as its very remote.

Lighthouses: Exmouth also has lighthouses and shipwrecks on the north shore.

Beaches: Exmouth has sheltered beaches on its eastern side, (which is useful when it's windy) as well as spectacular beaches with coral reefs just off shore on the west side like Turquoise Bay where the tame fish will eat bread from your hand. Turquoise Bay is 63 kilometres from the Exmouth Visitor Centre in Exmouth township and its great for snorkelling, the ocean current literally gives you a free ride over some lovely snorkelling reefs with plenty of fish life as its a no fishing zone, but beware of the current if you are not a strong swimmer or take a flotation device with you as the beach does not have a rescue patrol. Most people wade in at the south end of the bay, float along and swim out at the north sandy point then do it again a couple more times. Recommend watching a couple of people to estimate how fast the current is that day.

Cape Range National Park covers 50,000 hectares spanning low mountains, mangroves, gorges, tidal creeks and limestone caves so it depends what you want to see and do there. The Milyering Visitor Centre is on the western coastal side has some interesting displays and information about the Park - 53 kilometres from Exmouth town. It also has great views across the Exmouth Gulf.

Yardie Creek Gorge is a few ks past the Milyering Visitors Centre and has quite an interesting boat tour of the gorge. The Yardie Creek Gorge is a seawater fiord - lots of vehicles wait till lowest tide each day to cross the tidal creek and continue south along the coastal route down to Coral Bay. The crossing is recommended for 4WDs but some people with normal cars attempt this as well, which can be quite entertaining just watching the crossings! 

Learmonth Airport is 36km south of Exmouth, Exmouth Bus Charters offer a transfer from Learmonth (36km south of Exmouth) airport to Exmouth and return. This shuttle service meets every flight and is available at a cost of $25 per adult one way. Coral Bay Adventures and Coral Coast Tours apparently offer airport transfers between Learmonth and Coral Bay or Coral Bay and Exmouth. Prices started from $75 per person one way. Exmouth has a small supermarket and more accommodation options than Coral Bay.