By plane:  Travelers can reach Chapel Hill by flying in to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (  This airport is served by numerous major airlines such as Delta and Southwest.  The airport is located approximately twenty minutes east of Chapel Hill so travelers will find it easy to get to their hotel destination from the airport via car rental, taxi hire or public transportation.

By car:  Travelers who are coming from destinations throughout the United States and Canada may find it most convenient to simply drive to Chapel Hill .  Driving directions can be obtained at or

By train:  Travelers can reach the general area of Chapel Hill via train, although the local train station is located outside of Chapel Hill in nearby Durham .  Travelers should find it easy to obtain transportation between the two locations and should not be deterred from traveling by train of that is what suits them travel-wise.  More information is available on the Amtrak website (

By bus:   The local Greyhound bus station is located in Greensboro or in Raleigh .   Travelers trying to reach the area on a budget may find this to be their best option although they are reminded that they will have to calculate the cost of ground transportation from the bus station to Chapel Hill in the cost of travel by bus.