Cherokee Attractions

If you are looking for the "real Cherokee", visit the Cherokee museum and the Oconaluftee Indian Village. The Village is a great place because you actually get to see REAL Cherokee people "living" life from day to day in this "Cherokee Village".

The Outdoor drama is undergoing changes and does not feature country music! (although there is this 'gig' called a "hoe down" that shows a bunch of "indians" mountain clogging -go figure!)  It is a re-telling of the history of the Cherokee through the cultural story characters Ga-na(g)-ti and se-lu (pronounced Shay-lu, which means corn). This outdoor play features several interesting points but has no real "plot" as the old show did. But there are exotic masks and costumes (Clan Spirits and "boogers") and several REAL Cherokee traditional dances. The show is currently undergoing changes (and it needs it!) but all in all, it is fun to watch and see some of the traditional dances performed by REAL indians (the bear dance, the stomp dance, the quail dance, friendship dance)

The Eagle (traditional) dance performed in this show is the REAL traditional dance performed by enrolled members of the Eastern band of Cherokee, not a ballet composed act performed by non indians from Chapel Hill and Atlanta.  There is also a Contemporary eagle dance performed right after the Traditional  which features members of the American Indian Dance Troup. Pretty, but not traditional Cherokee.

The Warriors dance is also a traditional dance performed by real indians from the EBCI...

Get educated - go see it - even if it is just for the traditional dances.