The history of this land is a very rich one for the United States. The Cherokee Indians had been living in this area since 1000 AD. Europeans came in, lived and worked with the Indians but then got violent and greedy. Things escalated all the way up to an act to force them off the land. Years later they were welcomed back. The land has seen extreme hardships and played host to major historical events for the United States. Reading will definitely enrich the cultural experience one can have in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Because of the rich history and cultural heritage of the Cherokee people, finding educational literarture about them comes as no difficult task. For starters, you may want to try the following books to get your history facts:

  • "The Cherokee Nation: A History" by Robert J. Conley
  • "Beginning Cherokee" by Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith
  • "The Cherokee Full Circle" A Practical Guide to Sacred Ceremonies and Traditions" by J. T. Garrett and  Michael Tlanusta Garrett
  • "Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation" by John Ehle.

Other popular books involve the teachings of the Cherokee: