Six Plates Wine Bar is absolutely fabulous!  They are an upscale wine bar - lounge with the menu of a four star restaurant without the pretention.  There are Six Plates to choose from and usually one additional special or dessert, all of which are "small plates" so you get to try more than one at a time.  The menu boasts the use of mainly fresh local ingredients and they even name some of the farms they use on the menu, which is great.  The atmosphere is mellow and classy but still casual and welcoming.  The wine list is impressive and they take the guesswork out of wine pairing by printing on the menu which glass on wine will go well with each dish. The crowd is usually a mix of young professionals, Duke students (only a few), and Duke professors.  Overall the place is wonderful and unlike anything in the area.  If you are looking for a nice place to relax with a glass of wine and some amazing food, try Six Plates. 

2812 Erwin Road, Ste. 104 (corner of Erwin and Lasalle, 1/4 a mile south of Duke Hospital)

Six Plates Website