Things to Do in Fayetteville NC Coffee Shops

Here's a secret: there are everyday things to do in Fayetteville, NC! And you don't need to look far to find it.

With close to a dozen cafes and coffee houses in town, there is no shortage of places to hang out. What's more is that many of these folks host special events and/or have a regular calendar of events where both visitors and residents of Fayetteville can go to hang out, meet people and show off their talents (if you have any).

At the end of the day, it's all about getting out of that dag on house and breathing some "normal people" air. I just want to take a minute to mention a few of these active venues.


  • Detour Coffee House (Events in Fayetteville NC) - Fayetteville's "destination coffee house" offers a full calendar of events that include Meet-Up Nights on Wednesdays; Featured Artist Nights on Thursdays; Family Nights on Fridays; Open Mic Nights on Saturdays; and a variety of special events throughout the rest of the month that include music events, comedy and more.
  • The Coffee Scene (Events near Cross Creek Mall) - As a Fayetteville favorite, The Coffee Scene boasts two floors of seating that seems to accommodate 30-60 people at any given time. These folks host Poetry Nights on Sundays and Gelato days every week. Don't leave Fayetteville without stopping by.
  • Marquis Market (Events in Downtown Fayetteville NC) - As one of Fayetteville's newest kids on the block, owner, Brian Smith has truly dug a niche for himself and his charming restaurant/café in downtown Fayetteville. Jazz Nights are a regular event at Marquis Market and special events are around every corner.
  • Rude Awakening (Just because they're awesome and they stay open late) - Let's be real, Rude Awakening doesn't pretend to be anything they're not and people LOVE THEM FOR IT. This is not really an "events venue", but if you had the Cameo Art House next door and festivals outside your door every month - would you really bother either? Rude Awakening is also open later than any other coffee shop in town (midnight on weeknights). Come and enjoy.

Don't forget, you can also Google "coffee houses in Fayetteville NC" to find other coffee joints around town. Never has there been a more concentrated area of coffee houses with such friendly owners and baristas. Thanks for reading!