Things to do on Ocracoke  


How about nothing? This has got to be the best place to do it, if you are looking for a place to relax and do nothing but let the day pass you by this is it, especially in the off season.

Now there is plenty of shopping and good places to eat, a great place to learn about pirate history as this was Black Beard’s hide out at one time, it also has a history of a pilot town; it plays a role in WW 2 and a fishing village. There is plenty to read about the history of this island.

Take time to find out where Howard street is and take a walk through history as the street hasn’t changed in over 100 years, except some updating on some of the homes, You will still see the old cisterns in the yards the old live oak trees, make it a point to walk it after dark it has a certain spooky feeling, not only because of the grave yards along it but the oaks seem to come alive then.

There are a lot of ghost stories here too - you might look for the book  Ghost Story of the Outer Banks, a lot of this can be learned at the NPS visitor’s center. In the summer months they give different talks about the island and history, be sure to take in a few. You can get information on it at the visitor’s center.

Go down to the ferry docks after dark and watch the ferries come in and you can see most of the town from there and the activity, you might even see some one gigging flounder along the shore near the light house. Occasionally just around the corner at the public boat landing you can see dolphins swim by in the sound. Also a good place to watch the sun set .