Stradbroke - or Straddie - as the locals call it - can be reached from Cleveland which is the last train stop from Brisbane on the Cleveland Line. Bus route 258 links Cleveland station to the water taxis at Cleveland Point. It's probably too far to walk.  The Straddie Flyer ( green and gold) has a free courtesy bus from the Cleveland train station leaving around 10 minutes before the water taxi leaves- the taxi waits for the bus.  There are two companies that run water taxis between Cleveland Point and Dunwich. The first one you come to  is the The Gold Cat which will drop you at "The One Mile" next to the Little Ship Club.  Great atmosphere and views if you don't want to go any further.

The second one located next to the barge loading area is the - Straddie Flyer which takes you to the front of Dunwich where the two barge companies land as well. (Stradbroke Barge company and the Red Cat). Prices vary.

Buses leave both jetties at Dunwich for Point Lookout and Amity. The ferries and island buses are not part of the Queensland GoCard fare system but single/one way and return/round trip tickets can be purchased aboard.

Barges run from the exact same spot on the mainland and land next to each other on the island.  As it is an island all products must be brought over by boat hence things can be more expensive than on the mainland. This is a gorgeous island with white pristine beaches and a slower pace of life.  Fuel is available from Dunwich, Point Lookout and Amity - the three main townships.

As you come off the barge there is a tourist information centre on the left hand side.