There are two different types of things to do in Wilmington after the sun goes down. If you prefer a quiet night with family or friends, you can stroll the beach and look for animals or just look up at the stars. Night fishing is also popular right off of the shore. However, if you want a little zest in your nightlife, Wilmington also has some great bars, clubs, and restaurants to hang out in. A popular area to head to is the Riverwalk. If you go to Water Street and Front Street in the Downtown area, you will find some good bars and clubs to head to. There is a lot of live entertainment on these streets, and the bars often have good deals on drinks. A lot of college students come out there too, which makes the atmosphere much more lively and fun. A lot of the bars have billiards tables set up, and most will have some tv's so you can watch some games. Darts and other games are also enjoyed in most of the bars. You could also just sit in a cafe and enjoy the night, either toasting with a bottle of wine or enjoying some coffee. Wilmington has a number of good jazz and blues clubs as well.  A good amount of the tourists also go to the bars and clubs, and this makes for a bigger crowd, but it can also make the scene fun as well because the guests are there to have fun in a short amount of time.

One favorite spot to drink and dance in a fabulous atmosphere is Pravda (located 23 N Front St).  It's a Russian-themed vodka bar with infused vodka cocktails, very stylish decor and a great dance club on the weekend.