Fargo is home to many restaurants, clubs and venues for live music that can be visited for an evening of entertainment. The nightlife in town is fun, popular, and many venues are quite laid back. Locals and tourists can be found in many of the nightspots in town enjoying a good meal followed by a drink or two.

The Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse claims to be “the most fun and friendly bar in town.” They offer drink specials every night of the week, light shows, music with a DJ, and a dance floor. The type of music typically played ranges from country to Top 40. For anyone who does not feel like dancing, there are pool tables, dart boards and arcade games. "HoDo” is short for “ Hotel Donaldson," and it is not only a place for visitors to stay, but it’s also a popular place to eat and have a nightcap. Visitors can be seen hanging out in the hotel’s restaurant and bar during the night hours. Locals can also be seen having a good time at HoDo. There is often live music to accompany a glass of wine or a cocktail. Soker’s is located in the basement of the Hotel Donaldson. It provides a different atmosphere from HoDo, and is considered to be a sophisticated bar by the locals in Fargo . If you want to dance you can visit The Venue at Playmakers or the OB (Old Broadway) Both places are packed on the weekends.