Fargo is a city that is dedicated to promoting the performing arts. There are many venues for residents as well as visitors to see extraordinary performances. Many of the shows that can be attended are even suitable for families with children.

The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra has been putting on performances in the area for 75 years. The symphony-orchestra has a very full year-round calendar, and tickets can either be bought for an entire season or for a single performance. Visit their website for more information.

The Fargo Theatre is located inside of an old city theatre that was originally built in 1926. It has since been restored and is a perfect location for viewing the many theatrical performances, films, and other forms of live entertainment that takes place here all year round.

The Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater has room for about 300 audience members. The community theatre puts on 12 shows each year – all of which consist of a local cast. The performances are unique and entertaining.

The Fargo-Moorhead Opera features both local and visiting opera singers. Tickets can be purchased for the live opera performances by visiting the Opera’s website. The website also contains seating information as well as other important details about the theatre.