Within Sandwich there are many things to find  "The entrance to the Kings lodging".  This old wall has stood for many hundreds of years.  Holy Ghost Alley  is a hole between  houses near the old town Gaol.  The saluation Gardens were designed  by Edward Lutyens in 1911 and Jekyll carried out the planting.  The gardens are currently being restored to their former glory.

The town walls around the Butts, Ropewalk and Bulwark is a nice 45 minute walk.  The Barbican alongside the river is part of the historic defence built in the reign of Henry VIII.  Look out for the Major around the Cattle Market outside the Guildhall or previous encumbients who are always around the town.  Dressed in Black to honour the major who was murdered by the French in 1457.

At 8 o'clock every evening you will hear the curfew bell toll to warn all those outside to gather back within the town walls. The narrow streets, with many old building and speed limit of 20mph make it ideal for kids and riding around on a bike. The guildhall museum and the tourist centre can provide information and a map of the town.

For American visitors there is the house of Thomas Paine, who was one of the founding fathers..  Just outside the town is Richborough Castle.  This roman ruin marks the start of Watling Street, although it is not within walking distance but can be reached via the River Bus which leaves from next to the Barbican.  Twitcher may enjoy the Bird Observatory.  Find St. Thomas's Hospital which is situated in Moat Sole.  It was built in the 14th century and named in honour of St. Thomas Becket.  Have a laugh finding a Doctors surgery in "The Butchery" or No Name Street.   See the Dutch influence and follow the Delf Stream which appears and disappears along Delf Street.

Strand Street has one of the longest existing rows of medival buildings. This impessive line of Oak frame buildings step out over the street.  From the "The Pilgrims along to the Weavers ( Dutch refugees used this building as their home and workshop in the 1500's) past the Three King Yard to the Admiral Owen.  They are an impessive line of Oak frame buildings.  Unfortuately it is only on one side of the street and many of the shops have been turned into private dwellings so you can only see from the outside.  There is Fishergate alongside the Quay which formed part of the fortifications ordered by Richard II.  

There are not many big brand shops so do not expect to find a Tesco's but you will find small convenience shops that provide for the towns folk and quaint old shops selling nicnacs.  There are plenty of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms, and places to eat so enjoy your time in Sandwich